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So you want to learn bass guitar?

If you’re looking for bass guitar lessons, you probably already appreciate the unique appeal of the bass.  While sometimes seen as a more background element of the band, it often provides the most compelling and memorable riffs and grooves.

Whether you are picking up a bass for the very first time or are a more experienced player needing some focus or direction, a one-to-one session is just the best environment to get personal feedback and learn in a structured way.


Regular lessons are not the only option though, there’s short courses and one-off workshops also available.

Free Taster Session

Perfect if you’re thinking of buying a bass for the first time or have dusted off an old one that you’ve been promising to learn for ages …

This half hour session is aimed to answer your questions and explain what’s needed to successfully start playing. Some of the things that will be covered include:

  • Find out about and try different basses

  • Get advice about what and where to buy

  • Obtain an honest appraisal of your bass if you already have one

  • Introduction to different styles of playing

  • Play your first bass line!

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